Water Filtration

Water is the most consumed natural substance found on earth, and yet it is also one of the major traits that make our planet livable. However, its cleanliness is an important factor for concern. The water that you and your family is drinking might be contaminated with a bunch of bacteria which you might not even be aware of at all. That is why Energy Canada, ensures that the water that you consume is at par, considering all hygiene related matters.


Water Softeners

Water softeners are used to remove calcium and magnesium ions from your water supply. Hard water is generally water that is very high on iron, calcium and magnesium, often causing your water supply to not form lather when mixed with soap. This makes bathing, washing and cleaning a tough job. A water softener is a device that is added to your water supply that clears it from such ions. At Energy Canada, we specialize in all sorts of water purifying and softening systems.

Filter Replacements and Repair

Water filters tend to get clogged up and at times even tear out from the access pressure. We ensure that your water filtration systems are always in pristine conditions and that you never have to worry about your filtration systems. We take care of the problem before it ever becomes a problem. This includes ensuring that your filtration system is timely repaired and if you need a replacement on it, we handle replacing your current system with another system of your choice.

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