Water Heating


Energy Canada is your one stop shop for all HVAC and water heating needs. We cater to any and all problems that you might be facing with your water heater. Be it the furnace or the piping, we ensure that your system is up to date and working with perfectly fine. The winters in Canada are no joke, and so we understand the need for water temperatures to be adjusted and be at par, providing instant warm and use able water.



Sometimes your hot water taps might feel they are a little chocked up, or your water pipes might be making noise as soon as you turn them on or hot water might be taking too long to reach you. Any of these problems and more, could be solely accredited to the water heating system. Energy Canada takes care of all your water heating problems. From repairing to tune-up, you have nothing to worry about when you have us on speed dial. We will be at your doorstep ready to handle all your water heating problems throughout Toronto.


Tank-less water heaters do, save you on water bills and also use up less space. However, to have them function to their optimal level is only a job that an expert can help you with. When you have Energy Canada working for you to maintain and repair all types of water heating systems. At Energy Canada, our main focus is you and to cater to all sorts of Heating, Cooling, and water heating and filtering needs.

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